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Parker's Projects

Parker's Projects

Our testimonials

Childhood Cancer never takes a backseat, leaves you vulnerable, upset, worried, scared. When I feel I can’t deal with any more bad news, there are people in the world that renew your faith in humanity. That is what I thought of when I took time to think about your foundation and what it means to my family and I. My job is to worry about my daughter, I do as much footwork as I can to keep her daily health in check. Your foundation has taken some of the financial burden off my mind and allows me to focus on her. Not stressing about going to the store, not being able to afford certain items, especially co-pays, food, medical assistance. In the upcoming month we have several different, CAT scans, MRIs, labs, EKG, EEG, multiple tests, new doctors on the docket… then you called me and asked me what I need help with! You have yet to meet my family in person and are literally making sure we are OK (like family). This blows my mind and makes me feel loved. It’s amazing how complete strangers can offer love and genuine kindness, for so many families so many miles away. You are a true bunch of selfless individuals, spreading sunshine to the world.

Shara M. Avery’s Mom

Después del diagnóstico de Leucemia de nuestro hijo Pablo se empezó a complicar de manera extrema la situación emocional y económica de nuestra familia somos cuatro y tratamos de estar siempre unidos viviendo bajo la Ley de nuestro creador, quien nos acerca a personas de corazón bondadoso, estamos muy agradecidos con Parker Projet por todo su apoyo por cada momento de su valioso tiempo que han dedicado a apoyarnos de manera económica, sabemos que son un equipo magnífico con muchas personas buscándolos y aun así no nos han dejado estar solos. En nuestra familia les agradecemos enormemente todo su apoyo y, todo el esfuerzo que cada uno de ustedes a hecho para lograr ayudar a nuestra familia en estos tiempos difíciles, Gracias una ves más por pensar en la necesidad del prójimo gracias a Dios que existe su proyecto de Parker. Deseamos que sean siempre un equipo unido nunca olvidaremos a las personas que nos han acompañado en este trayecto difícil.

Cecilia Q. Pablo’s Mom

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Meet Diego

Diego, from Nevada, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at just 13 years old. Despite rounds of treatment and a bone marrow transplant, complications persisted. Yet, amid the struggle, Diego found comfort in Legos, books, and video games, even crafting his own comics on digital platforms. Financial strain added to the burden, forcing reliance on aid. Despite the challenges, Diego’s family remained united, facing each obstacle with unwavering determination and hope for a brighter future. Parker Project was able to assist with housing costs.

Meet Lukas

Lukas is battling ALL leukemia alongside his mom, Jessica, in California. Despite the challenges of treatment since his diagnosis in August 2022, Lukas finds joy in his love for trains, off-roading, dirt bikes, and quads. Before his illness, they enjoyed frequent camping trips. Lukas also adores Blaze and Paw Patrol. Although there are hardships, Parker Project has been able to support, assisting with utilities, transportation, and housing, ensuring that Lukas and his family can focus on his treatment while still indulging in the things he loves.

Meet Janel

12-year-old Janel, from Nevada, began her fight with Rhabdomyosarcoma in  March 2022. Despite hardships like wheelchair use and chemotherapy, she found joy in makeup and swimming. Financial strain added to the struggle, but her family stood strong. With support from her mother and sisters, they faced each day with hope and resilience. Parker Project was able to assist with housing costs.

Meet Avery

Meet Avery, a resilient soul diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at the tender age of 3.  Avery’s medical journey began with a misdiagnosis, leading to a sudden revelation of neuroblastoma. The subsequent months unfolded with rigorous treatments, including chemotherapy, surgeries, IV radiation, and a stem cell rescue. Avery faced severe complications, such as veno occlusive disease, with incredible strength. In the face of adversity, Avery’s journey embodies courage, hope, and a family’s unwavering support. Avery is an only child and fought her battle alongside her parents and grandparents.  Avery is now 13 years old and has overcome so much adversity and side effects due to her treatments.  She loves to read, craft, and hang out with her friends.  It has been our pleasure to help this sweet family fill in the gap with groceries, gas cards, and auto insurance payments. What we most enjoy, however, is our video updates and pictures of Avery that her parents send our way!

Meet Samir

Parker Project had the pleasure of working with Samir from Texas. They say everything in Texas is bigger, as is this young man’s smile! Despite the situation at hand; Samir has a big bright smile. Samir was first diagnosed with leukemia before the age of two and after a brief remission he relapsed in early 2022. Family togetherness is very important and in the large state of Texas the Parker Project helped with transportation for the journey from El Paso to Fort Worth for treatment. Teen Titans are Samir’s favorite, and they always say, “Lesson number two never give up! Titans Together!” The Parker Project will never give up and always keep Titans together for kids like Samir.

Meet Zariya

Parker Project met Princess Zariya’s mother to learn about the two-year old’s rare tumor called hepatoblastoma which is cancer of the liver. Zariya loves Minnie Mouse and sparkles! The family of 7 asked for help with a family outing for bonding and bringing them together – this was much needed as Zariya was diagnosed so young, and right before COVID. We worked on a special magical surprise for the entire family. We are more than grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide a bit of relief and special bonding time for this awesome Las Vegas Family.

Meet Chris

Chris was a video game lover from California! Chris was diagnosed with leukemia in the beginning of 2022, at the age of 10. Chris had two rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and regular monthly follow ups at the hospital. During his initial stays, one of his parents had to leave their job to stay with him at the hospital. Parker Project has been able to help with some financial catch-up on utility bills, transportation, and a cheerful game’s during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, Chris lost his battle to leukemia in June 2023. It is with a heavy heart that we continue to extend our condolences to the family.

Meet Sage

Sage was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July of 2022 at just 4 years of age. Sage has always been a very active little girl with no health problems before her diagnosis. Sage was preparing to start soccer and dancing when she began suffering from a fever that lasted 3 days without breaking. Soon she did not have the energy to play and one day was sleeping on her mom’s lap at her sister’s swim practice. Sage was unable to keep her eyes open and mom knew it was time to take her to the Memorial Emergency Room where they gave Sage an ultrasound and confirmed her diagnosis. She was put into treatment right away. Sage is a spitfire, she is a strong little girl and has the bravery of a soldier, she has pushed through this process like a warrior princess.  However, she does get mad when her PICC line isn’t the proper accessory to her fashion choices. Sage loves riding her bike and enjoys fake cell phone chats, and Aurora is her favorite princess. Parker Project was able to assist Sage’s family with medical bills & costs alike, helping Sage’s parents ensure their daughter can receive the best possible treatment available. We are ecstatic to share that Sage and her beautiful family are doing well and living their lives to the fullest.

Meet Kylie

Kylie was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor in late 2021 at the age of 4. Kylie has undergone tumor removal from her kidney, radiation, and completed 7 rounds of chemotherapy. During her chemo treatment, she must be inpatient at the hospital for 4 days out of the week. Kylie’s family is one of the first 5 families Parker Project assisted. Some of our team had the amazing opportunity to meet Kylie and can attest to her sweet energy lighting up each person she interacts with. We are so grateful to Kylie’s mom for allowing us to visit as that has become a fond memory for us to look back on and smile when we need one! Parker Project was able to provide Kylie and her family with financial assistance for housing and transportation costs.

Meet Pablo

Our team had the opportunity to meet both Pablo and his mother in person in 2023 and we can happily report Pablo is quite the jokester – he kept our team laughing while showing us his goofball behavior! Pablo loves to be outside and active. His cancer journey started in December of 2021 after numerous high fevers, Pablo was taken to the doctor where they performed blood tests. Those tests revealed issues with his red blood cell and leukocyte levels. He was immediately admitted to the children’s hospital where a bone marrow biopsy was performed, and Pablo was then diagnosed with Leukemia. Parker Project has been able to help Pablo’s family with housing, transportation, and medical costs.

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie, a beautiful 4-year-old girl with a smile that will melt your heart. When Charlie was just 2 years old, she exhibited symptoms initially thought to be constipation. Her pain continued and led to a scary discovery. She had a massive tumor the size of two softballs in her belly. Charlie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Germ Cell Cancer. Despite challenges, Charlie embarked on a courageous battle alongside Mom, Dad, and her little sister Annie. She underwent four rounds of chemotherapy and an 8-hour surgery that removed 100% of the tumor. Charlie’s fight against cancer continued. The disease had spread to her liver, requiring high-dose chemotherapy and Stem Cell harvesting. Charlie had more surgeries and obstacles to overcome, but her recent scans show amazing progress with liver regrowth and no new evidence of tumors. Her story is one of hope, strength, and the unwavering spirit of a warrior facing the toughest odds. Our charity has been able to assist Charlie’s Family with grocery cards and an auto payment while her parents stayed by her side helping her in the fight against Cancer.