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Every family deserves a helping hand

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Parker Project’s mission is to help alleviate the financial burden experienced by families battling childhood cancer, allowing them to focus on the child and family’s quality of life.

Every family deserves a helping hand

Parker Project’s mission is to help alleviate the financial stresses experienced by families coping with childhood cancer, allowing them to focus on the child’s quality of life.

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Where we fill in the gaps for families in need

Housing Assistance

With 90% of families being required to travel for treatment, the financial toll can be devastating. Parents often must reduce their work hours or leave jobs completely to be present for treatment and doctor appointments.

Parker Project can help families by covering the cost of housing expenses such as rental or mortgage payments and utility bills. We can also aid in paying for short-term accommodations away from home while traveling for treatment during their battle with cancer.”

Medical Cost Assistance

Childhood cancer treatment cost averages upwards of $450,000 – and that doesn’t include additional expenses the family takes on beyond medical costs. This number is more than 6 times the average household income in the United States. While parents and guardians spend less time at work and more time at the hospitals this cost can become crippling to some families.

Parker Project strives to help financially where insurance and out-of-pocket resources cannot. We can help cover medical expenses incurred during a child’s cancer treatment journey.

Transportation Assistance

Many families must make sacrifices during this battle and often due to the level of increased expenses and decrease in income they are unable to make payments on their automobiles, car insurance, or auto repairs. Sometimes above and beyond normal doctor’s appointments and hospital visits there are specialist appointments that require cross-state or cross-country travel.

This is a vital expense that needs to be covered so that the child can make it to their cancer treatments. Parker Project can help cover the cost of auto loan payments, auto insurance payments, car repairs, and flights to long-distance medical visits.

Gas & Grocery Assistance

Families with children battling cancer in the United States are struggling with the increasing costs of gas and groceries. In addition to their regular monthly expenses, they also have to bear the expenses of driving to treatments and feeding their family while away from home. It can be an overwhelming financial burden for them.

Parker Project is here to help such families by covering the cost of gas and groceries. This support ensures that families can put food on the table and keep their gas tanks full, allowing them to focus on what really matters – supporting their child during this difficult time.

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