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About us

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Parker's story

Parker Angelus Diaz was born in West Covina, California on October 5, 2000. He was raised by his father, the founder of Parker Project, Daniel Diaz and his grandparents Jose and Gloria Diaz. In 2006 Parker’s grandfather retired and decided to move the family to San Antonio, Texas seeking a better educational system. Parker was a happy child with an old soul, as is the case most often when children are raised by their grandparents. Parker was bilingual (Spanish and English), liked martial arts, and video games.

In 2010 Parker began to have what his family thought were “growing pains” in his legs. Parker’s father and grandparents sought medical attention from many places; general practitioners, orthopedic doctors, and specialist to attempt to figure out what the pains were attributed to. On February 9, 2011 while checking into a specialists office the nurses found that despite Parker feeling normal, his blood pressure was dangerously high. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Parker and his family spent 2 weeks at Methodist Children’s hospital, and, after many tests, doctors found a tumor on his adrenal gland the size on an orange. He was diagnosed with Adrenal Carcinoma – a cancer that is very rare for someone at such a young age.

Parker had surgery to remove the tumor, and with aggressive chemotherapy he did get better for short time. A few months later the cancer grew back. There were a few days during each month when the chemotherapy cycled out of Parker’s body where he could do normal things, like shopping at Target. His family grew to truly appreciate those good times as they were few and far between.

On March 13, 2012, after 13 months of chemotherapy and radiation Parker lost his fight to cancer.

We understand how you feel

Our why

Those 13 months were a blur for the Diaz family, but their number one priority was to get Parker better, make him happy, and make him comfortable. Spending weeks at a time in the hospital for chemotherapy treatments became a normal part of life. Parker’s father would go to work during the day while his grandparents watched over him in the hospital, and then return in the evening to shower, sleep, and repeat the next day. Getting any member of the family to leave the hospital for rest was nearly impossible. The Diaz family’s life was consumed by making Parker comfortable which left a lot of day-to-day tasks and activities difficult or unfinished. Vehicle maintenance, home cleanliness, personal hygiene and health all suffered for during the 13-month period of helping Parker fight cancer.

10 years after Parker’s passing, Dan Diaz reflected on his time during those 13 months and thought about the many families he had met that couldn’t spend the night while their child was having chemotherapy treatments because they couldn’t afford childcare for their other children at home. The parents who couldn’t afford to take time off from work because their family’s livelihood and survival depended on it. He thought of the families that didn’t have transportation and had to take their child with cancer on the bus for hours to make it to the chemotherapy treatments.

Parker Project was founded by Dan Diaz with those families in mind. Helping families with normal day to day financial burdens to improve the quality of life for the child battling cancer.

Our testimonials

One day after leaving the grocery store, we were greeted by 2 super friendly and kind people who wanted to talk to us about Parker Project. I listened to their cause and expressed that I would love to help but as a mom of child with cancer I didn’t have the funds. Instead of being disappointed that I couldn’t donate they said, “no worries maybe you could be one of the families we help!”. I came home and applied for housing assistance and to my surprise I heard back from one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. Within a few short days we were told Parker Project would be helping us with our rent. Without this assistance we would no doubt be homeless. Thank you, Parker Project, for helping so family families like mine. Dan & Jacqueline, I know what you’ve been through has been the worst pain a parent can experience. I am honored to be helped by your organization and honored to be a part of Parker’s legacy.

Amanda A. Chloe’s Mom

Después del diagnóstico de Leucemia de nuestro hijo Pablo se empezó a complicar de manera extrema la situación emocional y económica de nuestra familia somos cuatro y tratamos de estar siempre unidos viviendo bajo la Ley de nuestro creador, quien nos acerca a personas de corazón bondadoso, estamos muy agradecidos con Parker Projet por todo su apoyo por cada momento de su valioso tiempo que han dedicado a apoyarnos de manera económica, sabemos que son un equipo magnífico con muchas personas buscándolos y aun así no nos han dejado estar solos. En nuestra familia les agradecemos enormemente todo su apoyo y, todo el esfuerzo que cada uno de ustedes a hecho para lograr ayudar a nuestra familia en estos tiempos difíciles, Gracias una ves más por pensar en la necesidad del prójimo gracias a Dios que existe su proyecto de Parker. Deseamos que sean siempre un equipo unido nunca olvidaremos a las personas que nos han acompañado en este trayecto difícil.

Cecilia Q. Pablo’s Mom

I am profoundly grateful for the incredible support you've extended to my family during the challenging journey of my child's cancer diagnosis. Your foundation's generosity has been a lifeline, allowing us to focus on the next steps of their treatment without the added stress of mounting expenses. Parker Project's commitment to alleviating the financial strain on families facing such hardships is truly remarkable, reflecting a dedication to making a meaningful impact on lives. Moreover, the space you have provided to breathe, in a never-ending financial strain, has restored my faith that goodness exists in the world. Your foundation, with its genuine care and empathy, has proven to be a perfect source of hope during our darkest days. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your unwavering support, embodying the true spirit of compassion and altruism. Parker Project, it is because of the work that you do, our family can better navigate the storms ahead; you have made a truly memorable and profound difference in our lives. Cheers!

Zoe Natalie’s Mom

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