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Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to common inquiries. If you have specific questions that aren’t covered, we encourage you to connect with us.

The diagnosis type does not matter as we are a fully inclusive foundation that is here to support families battling pediatric cancer. The diagnosis must, however, be a form of cancer and the child must currently be below the age of 18.

Our application process typically takes 30-60 days from the submission date of your application. We strive to review all applications as quickly as possible because when it comes to battling cancer, time is of the essence.

Yes, Parker Project requires a diagnosis verification letter from a doctor or hospital team member where the child is receiving treatment for every family we assist. This ensures the funds raised are distributed to the families who truly need them.

We work with families across the spectrum of income. Our board reviews each situation individually and takes into consideration current and a past income, monthly regular expenses, and additional unplanned expenses due to effects of battling childhood cancer like increased day care costs, medical expenses, travel, and more.

Parker Project alleviates some of the financial burden families experience during their battle with cancer by issuing funds directly to the company assistance is approved for by the board. We do not issue payments directly to families.

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We’re here to provide the information you need and ensure that you have a clear understanding of our mission and services.

There are several ways to monetarily contribute to Parker Project. Credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay are all accepted directly on our website. We have a verified charity account Venmo & Paypal. We also accept mailed checks to our corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. All information can be found in the donation section on our website.

Of course! With credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay the receipts are automatically generated and emailed to the email address you enter when making the donation. If you donated at one of our fundraising events and did not receive a receipt at the time of donation please email us at [email protected] We will need to verify a few items in order to get a receipt generated and emailed to you!

We love our volunteers! The best place to keep an eye out for Parker Project’s volunteer needs is our Instagram, Facebook, and website. We will post when and where volunteers are needed. You can get on our list ahead of time – head over to the Contact Us portion of the website, and submit an inquiry with the subject “I would like to volunteer” selected!

You can apply for financial assistance directly on our website through the “Apply Now” button. Our application takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Parker Project’s board reviews every application thoroughly and makes determinations on assistance on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the family and current available funding.

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